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A Different Approach to Skilled Manpower That Our Country Demands

Izmir University of Bakırçay will be leading institution of Higher Education and the smiley face of our beautiful city of Izmir with either academic and administrative staff or the unique education atmosphere provided to the youth of our country. A different approach to skilled manpower that our country demands, in terms of professional competence, will be adopted with education programs that will be run by an understanding of total quality education, also with sportive, artistic and cultural facilities.

Izmir University of Bakırçay, which was founded on 20 August 2016 by The Law no. 6745, had consisted of five faculties (Faculty of Science and Literature, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Medical Sciences), three schools (Vocational School, Vocational School of Justice, School of Foreign Languages), and three institutes (Institute of Graduate Studies in Science and Engineering, Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of Medical Sciences) as declared in additional Article 169 published in Official Gazette numbered 29824 on 7 September 2016. Additionally, with the quota of 30 students, Medical Faculty of Izmir University of Bakırçay has been added to our faculties by the enactment numbered 2018/11593, which was published in Official Gazette numbered 30431 on 25 May 2018.

Professor Mustafa Berktaş was appointed as the Rector of our university by the President with the decision numbered 2017/51 on 29 August 2017 and started on his mission on 11 September 2017.

Our university has been established as a public university with a new vision on the campus of Gediz University which had been shut down by a decree-law. After the necessary maintenance and repair works have been completed, all administrative and academic organizations have been completed and the study has started with 800 students at the campus located in Menemen’s Seyrek district, which was taken the turnover.

After completing of construction, our university will be the leading institution and smiley face of our beautiful Izmir in Higher Education with its academic and administrative staff as well as the different educational atmosphere will be offered to our country’s youth. In addition to the training programs to be carried out with the understanding of total quality, it will contribute significantly to the skilled manpower that our country demands in terms of vocational qualifications thanks to the sportive, artistic and cultural opportunities to be offered to the students.

Finally, in the Tecno-cities which are being planned to be built within the body of our university, R&D processes will be engaged in along with the production and development of health and biotechnology-themed products, and in the medium term, Faculty of Veterinary and Faculty of Agriculture will be opened to create added value in all areas of the health field.

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