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A Different Approach to Skilled Manpower That Our Country Demands

Izmir Bakırçay University, which was founded on 20 August 2016 by The Law no. 6745, and the appointment of the rector took place on 28.08.2017. Our university, which has a history of more than two years, has started to eliminate the technical and administrative shortcomings of the university. With the faculties which were determined under the establishment code The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture and Vocational School of Justice, and with newly established Faculty of Medicine, education was started in 2018 with nearly 850 students and the slogan “A Private State University”. Our university, which was decided to take students to the Faculty of Law, Biomedical Engineering, and Language and Speech Therapy after the recent studies, has started the 2019-2020 academic year with three new programs and 2082 students.

As being the first of the three main duties of universities undergraduate and graduate education’s accreditation process has been prepared, and training of the qualified professionals, who will meet the needs of our region and country, has been planned to be done. In this context, it has been given emphasis to the issues of the training of expert staff through postgraduate training programs in the required fields and the active operation of the continuing education center serving in the fields needed by the business life, as well. Second duty of the universities is to carry out R&D activities with project studies in the fields needed by the country. In this respect, our university has been built within the framework of a health-themed university, and undergraduate and graduate programs have been prepared to support this goal. Third duty might be determined as the duties of taking part in social projects and providing sociocultural contributions, with the awareness of social responsibility. The education strategy of İzmir Bakırçay University is to design and project these three main duties by a professional team.

In our university, where establishment of a health themed technopark has been put forward, the application process of a technology center, which will pave the way for this kind of system in Turkey, has been completed and delivered to KOSGEB. The process which starts with this center will promptly evolve into a professional Technopark structure in the field of health. Production will start with the localization policy after technology transfer from abroad with domestic companies in the technology center and technopark areas, R&D and new product development activities will be carried out with the power from production.

Two different features stand out in the setup of İzmir Bakırçay University. These features are the plans to be ecologically and economically self-sufficient. In terms of being ecologically self-sufficient, as part of our green campus project, the new power plant of 1000 kilowatts to be installed on the roofs of newly built buildings will be added to the 500 kilowatt power plant at our university, and the total energy production will be increased to 1500 kilowatts, and our university will become independent with regards to energy needs. As being a subtitle of this topic, with a project to be carried out within the university, it is also aimed to store rainwater and high level ground water with the cistern system and use it in environmental irrigation. Regarding the evaluation and recycling of wastes, which is another subtitle, studies are carried out for the evaluation of all wastes and the conversion of organic wastes into fertilizer in cooperation with the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization. At the end of these ecological competence projects, we want to have Leeds certified buildings with a holistic approach and to offer a campus infrastructure that can be called “Green City”.

Another feature of our university is that we are the only public university in Izmir, which is a friend of disabled and has an orange flag in this realm. By expanding our work on this issue, we would like to complete the university structure without disabilities that meet the needs of students with disabilities at all levels. As an example of these studies, it is worth noting that we have an infrastructure preparation that can take our visually impaired students to our school without problems, to the dining hall, library or amphitheater. The studies have been continuing to meet all the needs of students with disabilities in different fields.

The strategic plans and objectives of İzmir Bakırçay University were studied with a professional team and their future location was determined. 10 years later, our university has about 20-25 departments, has a 8-10 thousand undergraduate, 3-4 thousand graduate students, operates a health village with a capacity of 15,000 guests at international standards, the medical equipment and kits neeed by the country in its technoparks and in this field It is designed as a university project that provides added value of 1 billion dollars a year to the national economy and leads sociocultural and economic change of the region within the framework of social responsibility. Another feature that makes the project different is the realization of this project, which is on the way to reach the goals that are missed in the academy, with a team that is environmentally friendly, using renewable energy and aware of environmental responsibility.

Izmir Bakırçay University will be leading institution of Higher Education and the smiley face of our beautiful city of Izmir with either academic and administrative staff or the unique education atmosphere provided to the youth of our country. A different approach to skilled manpower that our country demands, in terms of professional competence, will be adopted with education programs that will be run by an understanding of total quality education, also with sportive, artistic and cultural facilities.

As a result; we hope that our students who have graduated from our university will graduate with the characteristics of employers, not job seekers, who have completed their professional education as well as professional development, have ethical and moral values, have leadership and management qualifications at the end of the qualified people training project.

Because we believe that beautiful people will grow in beautiful environments.

Professor Mustafa BERKTAŞ

Rector of Izmir Bakırçay University