A new public university that will run R&D activities with techno-city and bio-technology concept


Secretary-General is at the head of the central administration affiliated to the Rector and is responsible to the Rector for operations of administrative units.

Secretariat General’s mission is to ensure the efficient and coordinated work of the administrative organizations of the university and to provide quality and sustainable delivery of the services on time.

Secretary-General pursuits of the vision that organizing a management system that is sensitive to the demands of the internal and external collaborators of our university, adopts the principles of governance and management in service, integrates technology into all processes and is based on sustainability.

Pursuant to Article 27 of the Decree-Law no.124 on Supreme Boards of Higher Education and the Administrative Organization of Higher Education Institutions, published in the Official Gazette no. 18228, on 1 November 1983, in addition to the duties to be fulfilled as the head of the administrative organization of the University, Secretary General undertakes the duties listed below:

  • To ensure that the units in the administrative organization of the university work efficiently, orderly and harmoniously
  • To serve as a reporter, without voting right, at the University Senate and the University Board of Directors; to ensure that the decisions taken in these committees are written, protected and stored.
  • To deliver the decisions of the University Senate and the University Board of Directors to the units affiliated to the University
  • To propose to the rector about the personnel to be assigned in the administrative organization of the university
  • To ensure the conduct of press and public relations services
  • To deal with the correspondence of the Rectorate
  • To organize protocol, visit and ceremony works of the Rectorate
  • To perform similar tasks to be ordered by the Rect