A new public university that will run R&D activities with techno-city and bio-technology concept


Department of Information Technology aims to provide assistance, support and consultancy for all information processing activities needed in scientific field, to keep the infrastructure of network, software and hardware systems uninterrupted, to coordinate structuring of informatics policies and strategies, to carry out research and development activities in order to produce solutions that meet the needs of administrative and academic units, students and the subjects they interact, by keeping pace with the rapid changes in information technologies, accessing information from data.

Department of Information Technology has determined the vision of being such a credible and advance department that gives priority to information, promotes uninterrupted and continuous development in the activities, has an infrastructure with internationally accepted standards, employs expert staff required for systems management, which are determined above, produces value information systems for our university.

Department of Information Technology undertakes the duties listed below:

  • To establish the communication and network infrastructure required by the university and to ensure uninterrupted operation
  • To continuously check and maintain network security
  • To establish the environment where the information systems required by the university will work and to ensure uninterrupted operation
  • To determine capacity for information systems required for the university
  • Providing the storage, security and backup of the data produced at the university
  • To carry out research and development activities of the department
  • To meet the demands and needs of the University, to develop the software and provide the necessary support
  • To provide healthy and safe work by providing support services to the computer, printer and all environmental equipment